Apple Pay

Adding convenience of purchase


Apple Pay – a new way to pay


Apple Pay is a relatively new payment method, where the usability and convenience is highly prioritised.

As of now, the payment method is a standard. A standard that will experience more usage as the European banks offer it to their customers.

Though it is limited to smartphone users, who have an iPhone or a newer MacBook.


Paying from your iPhone, browser (Safari) or even an Apple Watch by using Touch ID or Face ID adds positively to the customer experience. Having stored your credit card information on your Apple device means, that you can pay in physical as well as online stores easier than ever before. 

More importantly, you need not fear a low level of security when using Apple Pay. It is only your finger touch or face ID, that can approve the purchase. 

No doubt that Apple Pay is improving the sales conversion rate. Apple’s intention is that you don’t use time using money.


Apple Pay as a payment method on your webshop only costs € 8 per month, and it is an option on all our price plans. The price plans can be viewed here

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