What is Swish?

Swish is an attractive Swedish mobile payment system that has more than 8 million users. Swish functions in Sweden as MobilePay online in Denmark and is therefore widespread among many users in Sweden.

How does Swish work?

Swish functions as Mobilepay Online in Denmark. This means that it makes it easy for your customer to pay via mobile. It is a safe and simple mobile payment.

To be able to use Swish as a payment method, it is important that both you as the web shop owner and the end customer have a Swedish bank account.

Get Swish as a payment method

Are you interested in getting Swish as a payment method for your web shop? Swish requires both a separate agreement with Swish and a Swedish account. You can get started here. You are welcome to contact us at support@pensopay.comif you have any questions or are still in doubt as to whether Swish is the right payment method to offer your customers on your web shop.