About pensopay

The name pensopay derives from two words; penso, which means either I pay or I think in latin, and the English word pay.

Our payoff is think beyond payments, which means that you, as a pensopay service user, should be able to focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business, rather than having to deal with your payment solution. Instead, we keep it running as it should.

We are an ambitious company, and one of our greatest priorities is having satisfied customers, which is reflected in our reviews on social media and Trustpilot.

Today, we are one of the leading Danish suppliers of online payment solutions, and our next milestone is a market share of 20% of Danish webshops.


pensopay ApS launched commercially on April 23, 2015. At the time, our ambition was to redefine the user experience in an industry that was considered technically complicated, yet conservative and highly inaccessible.


Reaching the first milestone of 100 users took 7 months. In 2017, we reach 1000 pensopay users.

We are now represented in 7 european countries.

pensopay ranks as the best payment provider on Trustpilot.


pensopay converts to a joint-stock company.

In 2019, pensopay A/S is now present in 12 european country markets og reaches 2000 users.


While the COVID-19 pandemic takes its grip on the world, pensopay reaches 4000 users.

We are now 17 colleagues at pensopay and ends 2020 with a result of €400.000 before tax.

Our values

1) We are helpful
2) We are professional
3) We care about you
4) We believe in simplicity