What is a Visa Debit card?

A VISA Debit card is a debit card that works in many ways like VISA/Dankort. With a VISA Debit card, the full amount is withdrawn immediately after a transaction, and it is therefore not possible to overdraft and spend more money than there are on the account.

What is VISA Electron? 

VISA Electron is a debit card that has balance control. It is therefore not possible to overdraft and spend more money than there is on the account with a VISA Electron. The money from a transaction is withdrawn immediately after the transaction, which makes it easier to keep track of your transactions in your account.

What is VISA/Dankort? 

VISA/Dankort is an international payment card that consists of two different payment cards in one card – a Dankort and a VISA card. Dankort is Denmark’s national payment card, while VISA is international and is used all over the world. VISA/Dankort is a debit card which is directly linked to the user’s account. When a customer has made a purchase with the card, the full amount is withdrawn either on the same day or the following day.

VISA/Dankort is one of Danes’ favorite payment methods, which offers a lot of flexibility, as it can be used both for payment online and in stores all over the world. It is therefore advantageous to offer your customers to pay with VISA/Dankort on your web shop.

How does a VISA card work?

As mentioned, VISA cards can be used both in shops, apps and online on your web shop – also if you want to be international. Users can use the form of payment everywhere, regardless of whether contactless payment is used. VISA is the most widely used form of payment that enables you to meet your customers.

Benefits of a VISA card

Are you considering adding one of the 3 VISA cards to your payment methods on your web shop? This payment method is a good start for your web shop, which will benefit your customers.

Some of the benefits of VISA card

  • It is a widespread and easy form of payment

VISA cards are a safe way to meet your customers. VISA cards give you the opportunity to venture into several markets and expand your web shop to precisely the countries you want.

  • Safe transactions 

VISA cards protect the customer’s card number and ensure that it is not shared with merchants or stored on devices. Payment with the VISA card will require a 3D-secure (however only for over DKK 225 or EUR 30), which helps to increase the security of online trading. This helps to create security for the consumer.

Get Visa as a payment method at pensopay

VISA is one of the most used forms of payment among Danes today, and is therefore also an indispensable payment method to have on your web shop. It is necessary to be able to offer your customers this form of payment, and at pensopay VISA is included as standard in your agreement.

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