What is VIPPS?

VIPPS is an attractive Norwegian counterpart to Mobilepay, which we can offer you through pensopay. VIPPS functions in Norway as MobilePay online in Denmark and is therefore widespread among many users in Norway.

How does VIPPS work?

VIPPS functions as Mobilepay in Denmark. This means that it makes it easy for your customer to pay easily with their phone. It is a safe and simple mobile payment.

Benefit of VIPPS

VIPPS is particularly sought after in online shopping. There are many good reasons to expand your current payment methods with VIPPS if you venture into the Norwegian market.

One of the reasons why you should offer your customers mobile payment on your web shop:

  • VIPPS is easy and fast

VIPPS is one of the fastest and easiest solutions on the Norwegian market in online trading. This means that the customer no longer needs to find the payment card and enter long forms with card number and information.

  • VIPPS is flexible

More and more trading takes place via mobile and VIPPS is particularly popular for mobile trading. With this form of payment, the customer can easily order goods online.

  • VIPPS is a safe solution

VIPPS has high security, where card information can never be read from the app and both account information and personal information are protected by fingerprints, face recognition or personal code.

Get VIPPS as a payment method

Are you interested in adding VIPPS as a payment method to your web shop? At pensopay we can activate VIPPS for you, so your customers immediately can experience an even easier, faster and better purchase experience on your web shop.

If you want to add VIPPS to your subscription, simply write to support@pensopay.comso we can quickly and easily add it to your redemption agreement. Please also contact us if you are still in doubt as to whether VIPPS is the right payment method for you to offer your customers on your web shop.