What is Anyday? 

Anyday is a payment method that allows your customers to split their order amount into several chunks – without any fees or extra costs for your customers. With partial payment, your customers can buy more and split the amount into four equal parts. The first 25% of the amount is paid at checkout, while the remaining 75% is paid over the next three months – or earlier.

If you want to offer Anyday on your web shop, there is a transaction fee of 3.95%, and you only pay if your customers choose to use Anyday as a payment method.

How does Anyday work?

Anyday is an easy implementation on your web shop that pensopay offers in your payment solution. As of March 1, 2023, the creation price for Anyday will cost DKK 1,995, excluding VAT. This is a set-up fee and therefore also just a one-time cost.

Anyday allows you to split the payment into four equal parts. It is a simple and user-friendly payment method that makes it easy for customers to use and at the same time also gives your web shop many advantages.

Anyday handles the payment, so you can safely process the placed order as usual.

Benefit of Anyday

Partial payment has many advantages – both for your customers and for your web shop. It is no secret that many customers are happy with a flexible solution that gives them greater freedom to buy what they need and pay for it later. By splitting the payment over four months, the customer gets completely new options, because it allows the customer to afford goods that they otherwise would not be able to pay for in one go.

In addition, there are also many advantages to offering partial payment on your web shop. Partial payment can easily be the last push needed for your customers to make a more expensive purchase in your online shop. This trend has a major impact on the following:

  • The conversion rate increases

Web shops that offer partial payment experience that the conversion rate increases by 2-3%. This is of course in relation to their conversion rate from before the web shop offered Anyday.

  • The average order size

Anyday increases the average order size by up to 40%.

Get Anyday as a payment method at pensopay 

Are you interested in getting Anyday as a payment method for your webshop? We can at pensopay, quickly activate Anyday for you, so that your customers immediately can experience an even more flexible purchasing experience on your web shop.

Would you like to add Anyday to your range of payment methods for your customers? You are welcome to contact us at support@pensopay.comYou are also more than welcome to contact us if you are still in doubt as to whether Anyday is the right payment method to offer your customers on your web shop.