What is a Mastercard?

Mastercard is an international company that is present in more than 210 countries. Mastercard mediates transactions in over 150 different currencies – and is a company with enormous expertise in payment cards and methods.

Mastercard includes several payment cards, including both credit and debit cards. The range of Mastercards is wide, and it depends on the individual bank. In Denmark, it is NETS that produces the Mastercard payment cards, and they have a contactless function so both debit and credit cards can be used abroad as well.

A Mastercard can be used worldwide. It can be used to pay in shops as well as online web shops and to withdraw money in Denmark as well as abroad.

With a Mastercard, it is possible to pay in installments, so the customer can choose whether he or she wants to pay the full amount now, a little bit at a time or postpone the bill until later. If you hold a Mastercard, you get up to 6 weeks of credit.

You are accommodating your customers with a good, flexible solution, if you offer payment with a Mastercard on your web shop.

What is a Mastercard Debit?

Mastercard Debit is a payment card with balance control. Balance control means that a customer with this type of card cannot spend more money than is on the account, because the amount is reserved on the account immediately when a purchase has been made.

With a Mastercard Debit, you therefore get more control over your spending, since the amount is withdrawn immediately. In the same way as the remaining Mastercard payment cards, a Mastercard Debit can also be used to pay or withdraw money abroad – or pay in foreign web shops.

How does a Mastercard work?

Mastercard is a widely used payment method, which is used in shops, apps and for online shopping. A Mastercard can handle several currencies and is therefore also a good payment method to accommodate your customers both nationally and internationally.

Benefits of a Mastercard

  • An international company

Mastercard is present in more than 210 countries and mediates transactions in over 150 different currencies. Regardless of which market your web shop is on, you would be able to accommodate your customers via this payment method.

  • Safe transactions

In Denmark, it is NETS that produces the Mastercard payment cards and is therefore a company with enormous expertise in payment cards and methods. The cards also have the contactless function, and both debit and credit cards allow payment abroad.

Get Mastercard as a payment at pensopay

Mastercard is one of the popular forms of payment today and is therefore advantageous to offer that form of payment to your customers on your web shop.

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