What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a form of payment offered by Apple. It functions as a digital wallet where customers can pay for their goods with the iPhone. The customer’s physical payment card is therefore replaced by the payment method, which is both very secure and easy to use – regardless of whether the customer wants to pay in a web shop, in an app or in a physical store. 

Apple Pay can be used in both stores, apps and online in web shops. Users can use the form of payment in all places where contactless payment is accepted, e.g. in supermarkets, in the taxi and at metro stations. In addition, Apple Pay can be used online wherever Apple Pay is implemented as a possible form of payment.

More and more stores and web shops accept the payment method. Therefore, more and more Danes also use mobile payments today.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apple Pay can be used by customers who have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE or one of the later models. The iPhone must have the latest iOS update.

It is completely simple to use for customers. Apple Pay is already on their device. Once they have set up Apple Pay on their iPhone, they can use the payment method in your web shop, app or store.

Apple Pay works as a mobile payment solution in stores and online. Apple Pay works everywhere in stores that accept contactless payments, and in web shops and apps. If you add Apple Pay to your payment options on your web shop, your customers can pay with a single click or glance through Touch ID or Face ID.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Are you considering adding Apple Pay to your payment methods on your web shop? Apple Pay is a fast and smart payment method that many web shops can benefit from activating.

Benefits of Apple Pay:

  • It is a fast and easy form of payment

Apple Pay is faster than using a payment card, and it gives the opportunity to the customer to get rid of the long payment forms. This makes the purchase much more efficient.

  • Built-in security and anonymity in Apple Pay

Apple Pay protects the customer’s card number and ensures that it is not shared with merchants or stored on devices. It is a factor that makes the form of payment more attractive to users.

Get Apple Pay for free at pensopay

Apple Pay is free at pensopay, and we can activate the payment method for you in only 2 minutes – and then you are ready to accept payment from all customers who prefer to pay with Apple Pay.

If you are in doubt as to whether Apple Pay is right for your webshop, do not hesitate to contact us on tel. +45 77 34 43 88 or write an email to support@pensopay.comThen you can get professional guidance and knowledge about how the payment method can help you.