What are the requirements to handle Visa and Mastercard?


What are the requirements?

To get an online payment system two things are needed: payment gateway which integrates into your shop and an acquirer account.You’ll get both with a pensopay solution.

The webshop needs to be registered to the owner of the URL, and the following elements need to visible on the webshop:

You just have to start the process here: https://dashboard.pensopay.com/register – and then we’ll help you.

1. Contact info

Make sure the store name, VAT number, Address, Contact info, i.e. phone and mail are visible on your webshop

2. Legal company name

We recommand that legal company name & company type, address and VAT number are visible on website footer

3. Product and service pricing

Price of goods or services including all surcharges and VAT.
VAT on B2B-commerce is not a demand.

4. Terms and conditions easy accessible

Customers need to actively mark that they’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions before buying. The terms should include delivery terms, cancellation and a note that money is withdrawn when product is sent. We recommend that you use our generator to make your terms.

5. Privacy policy

The webshop has to communicate that it respects the importance of privacy, and that it does not disclose information regarding customers to a third party, unless it is necessary to make a transaction.
It is also a requirement that the webshop does not sell customer name, address, e-mail, card information or personal data to a third party with the customer’s prior accept.

6. Transparency

Link to Terms and conditions in footer

7. Visible logos for Visa and Mastercard

They should be visible on the frontpage and in the payment window. Download them here

9. The webshops domain name

The company that runs business on a certain domain should be listed as the owner. Please send documentation of ownership