How to tell if the payment window is trustworthy?

in the bottom of the payment window, it can say “pensopay” as seen on the example on the right. If you see this, it is likely that this is a trustworthy webshop. 

If you see the pensopay logo and you have any questions regarding the webshop do not hesitate to contact us. It is always free to contact us. 

Contact us

Before we start to work together with a webshop we validate the webshop in several different areas. 

We consider it our obligation to protect the webshop and the consumer during each transaction. We constantly work to ensure that there is no fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing involved. Therefore, we set high demands on our in-debt knowledge of our customers and their business.

When you access a webshop make sure to look for the pensopay logo in the bottom of the payment window. This means that we have validated the webshop. 

  1. Terms & Conditions and privacy policy visible on the website has been approved at some point by pensopay.
  2. That the company is easily accessible, by providing correct company information (the company address, company name and VAT no.) and contact information is visible on the frontpage. 
  3. That webshops have transparent prices.
  4. That webshops have Visa and Mastercard logo clearly visible on the site.
  5. That the consumer can tick the box: “I have read and agree to the Terms” by the check-out before paying.  
  6. The webshop must have a public domain so you can see who you are dealing with.
  7. That the information in the application is consistent with the company’s VAT no. and other media.