What are the main benefits?

Return portal

A troublesome experience when returning an order does not foster a repurchase. Our return portal is easy to integrate and is used within your own webshop, creating positive experiences through a manageable return process.

Digital paperwork

Handle your customs documents digitally, which enables your carriers to download the necessary documents from the cloud – thereby saving you time and money.

Shipment methods

pensopay shipping allows you to handle more than 50 different carriers nationally and internationally. We cover worldwide shipping, so you can easily connect your preferred carrier to the system and print shipping labels.

Automate your shipment

Set up an automatic flow that optimises your shipping and order process. Connect your webshop or system and print labels directly from the system with a single click, or by scanning your delivery notes.

Quick processing

Installing our shipping system directly into your check-out means that you can offer and display several carrier and pick-up options. Surveys show that online customers are willing to pay extra to use their preferred choice of carrier.

Tracking notifications

Send custom and automated tracking e-mail to your customers, so they can easily track their delivery. The e-mail can be adjusted in various languages and branding by using our HTML-editor and add your own templates and design.

Use your own shipping agreements

If you already have a shipping agreement or more favourable rates with a carrier, these can be used in your pensopay shipping system. The cost is thereby only 99 DKK/month + 2 DKK per label. Prices are excl. tax.

If you do not already have an agreement with a carrier, one or more of our solutions can favourably be used. You only pay for the shipping rate (when you create a label) and there are no requirements regarding the number of shipments.
View shipping rates below.

View our shipping rates

Parcel shop

0-1 kg 36,00 DKK
1-2 kg 38,00 DKK
2-3 kg 39,00 DKK
3-5 kg 39,00 DKK
5-10 kg 49,00 DKK
10-15 kg 58,00 DKK
15-20 kg 69,00 DKK
Return label Same cost as delivery

Parcel shop

0-0,25 kg 30,60 DKK
0,25-0,5 kg 31,80 DKK
0,5-1 kg 34,00 DKK
1-2 kg 36,80 DKK
2-3 kg 39,20 DKK
3-5 kg 41,00 DKK
5-10 kg 49,00 DKK
Return label 36,00 DKK

Parcel shop

0-0,5 kg 37,00 DKK
0,5-1 kg 38,00 DKK
1-2 kg 45,00 DKK
2-5 kg 48,00 DKK
5-10 kg 58,00 DKK
10-15 kg 70,00 DKK
15-20 kg 86,00 DKK
Return label Same cost as delivery

Home delivery

0-1 kg 79,00 DKK
1-5 kg 89,00 DKK
5-10 kg 99,00 DKK
10-15 kg 109,00 DKK
15-20 kg 119,00 DKK

Home delivery

0-0,25 kg 32,80 DKK
0,25-0,5 kg 34,40 DKK
0,5-1 kg 35,60 DKK
1-2 kg 39,00 DKK
2-3 kg 42,00 DKK

Home delivery

0-1 kg 58,00 DKK
1-5 kg 68,00 DKK
5-10 kg 73,00 DKK
10-15 kg 88,00 DKK
15-25 kg 119,00 DKK
25-35 kg 136,00 DKK


We offer integrations for the most commonly used shop systems in Europe. Please contact us if you are unsure of whether we support your shop system.

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