Reccurring payments

done the right way

We offer several ways for you to run your membership business

You can send a payment request by e-mail. In other words you do not need a webshop – only need customers. We’ll supply you with a backend to handle your customers

On your website you can very easily embed a payment link for each membership type you have. We’ll supply you with a backend to handle your customers

There is support of several shop systems and thus using the backend of WooCommerce-Subscription or WHMCS, just to mention a few of the supported systems

Accept payments with these cards

Recurring Payments done right

If your business is based on subscriptions PensoPay offers a solution that supports your business. No matter if it is a paying fixed amount or a changing amount, one time a year or every day and if it is paying for hosting, shaving equipment membership or window cleaning, our solution can support you.

If you have developed your own membership payment the pricing starts at EUR 10 + EUR 0,2 per transaction. Acquiring is 1,40 domestically with minimum cost of EUR 0,08 per transaction. Furthermore there a fee of EUR 0,03 per registered credit card.

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