PSD2 og SCA - hvad betyder det for mig? Bliv klar til det nye EU regelsæt

What is PSD2?


On September 14th 2019 new EU regulations for payments (PSD2) is expected to be effective. The objective is to make electronic payments more secure, which is done with strong customer authentication (SCA).

You might already know strong customer authentication from 3D Secure for Visa og MasterCard or MobilePay. Payments over €30 will have to be through SCA.


What is the consequence for my webshop?


It simply means that transactions over €30 has to be verified with 3D Secure. The only exceptions are recurring payments or subscription.

For a few webshops, that runs with an embedded solution in e.g. Shopify, PensoPay recommends that the external payment window is called.

An embedded solution is when the external window is not called and the customer is not directed to a secure payment window.

Can I handle online payments after September 14th 2019? 


The short answer is yes, of course you can handle online payments. 


What should I do in order to be ready?


You do not need to do anything. If the card issuers demand SCA, e.g. 3D Secure, PensoPay will enforce the rule on all our customers.

The sole exception is the embedded solution. In that case you need to call an external payment window. Pensopay can be of assistance to ýou so you do not miss out on sales.


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