What is a payment solution?

A Payment Solution consists of two parts!


In order to accept payments online you need -as a webshop owner- to have the two following components:


  1. A Payment Gateway
  2. An Acquirer Account


PensoPay offers a solution that include both above mentioned components. In the following we’ll explain in more detail what how the payment solution works.


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Payment gateway – what’s that?


A payment gateway is essentially software that enables your customers to enter their personal credit card information and pay on your webshop. When credit card information is entered the data is sent encrypted to an acquirer.

The right gateway enables the customers to pay with ease and convenience.  Safety is also a major concern, and adds greatly to a positive customer experience. If neither convenience and safety is achieved the likelihood of a customer returning is diminished.

When you choose a payment gateway you should examine if there’s support of the shop system you’re using, or I you a custom shop whether the API tech is solid.

PensoPay supports 50+ webshop systems and you can see the list here



What is an acquirer?


An acquirer account is issued by an acquirer. An acquirer is a financial institution that handles the encrypted card information supplied by your buying customers. The acquirer is thus responsible for moving the money from the customer’s bank account to the merchant’s (webshop) account.

Evidently, in order to accept payments with Visa and MasterCard the merchant needs an acquirer account. PensoPay offers such an account.


Payment methods – what do I need?


For any webshop it’s important to offer the appropriate method of payment.

With PensoPay you can handle Visa,  MasterCard and ViaBill from the start, and furthermore you have the possibility of adding relevant methods of payment you see fit. For instance accounts with PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, and Dankort (Nets) are supported in the gateway.


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It can be intimidating choosing the right payment setup. The payment solution needs to match your business and the customer segment. It has to be up to date and customised to regional differences.

If you wish to start a webshop or any other digital platform, PensoPay specialises in helping you started the best possible way. Contact us today and let us advice you. We promise that the process is fast and easy.

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