Payment solution

Accept debit cards globally, and manage both web and mobile payments

Increase your sales significantly

It is important that you can offer card payment to your customers. Credit cards are the most popular payment method worldwide and provides, due to its prevalence, great confidence among consumers in your shop. In Denmark, card payment collected 81 percent of internet traffic, so there is good reason to offer its customers this payment form.

In order to offer customers paying by credit card, your online store needs a merchant. In PensoPay we have agreements with the largest and most recognized acquirer banks, so you can be completely confident in concluding payment agreement with us. The application process takes 5 minutes and you are ready to accept payments within 1-3 days.

Flexible & simple

The biggest challenge for shop owners are often collateral by way of example. bank guarantees, retained revenue and non-creation time. We offer flexible total and partial solutions in card payments and payment gateway, which means that you can choose it all in one package – or pinpoint certain elements.

Plug’n Play modules for your webshop

Get started with accepting card payments in your internet business today. We have made the payment a breeze; install a customized module in your webshop – at no extra cost. We have over 40 Plug’n Play modules, as well as partners, making it easy to set up the payment gateway at his shop.
We send the payment module and the installation guide that matches your shop system.

Accept the most widely used payment methods

With PensoPay’s payment gateway, you are not limited to only Visa credit card, MasterCard, Visa or Visa Electron. You can receive all common payment methods such as bank transfers, bill payments, mobile payments via MobilePay, ViaBill, sofort and PayPal.
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