PensoPay make accepting Bitcoin safe and simple

Payment with Bitcoins or 13 other digitale currencies is now a feature of PensoPay payment solution. You receive money deposited to your bank account.

What is necessary?

If you have a PensoPay payment gateway you’re almost ready to start accepting Bitcoin. All Bitcoin payments can be deposited on your bank account. Besides from the fact that you don’t have to worry about chargebacks, it’s business as usual.

Need a payment gateway? We can help you!



  • simple Bitcoin integration with most shop systems
  • no chargebacks
  • no setup fees or monthly fixed costs

Start now!

Start now and complete it later

Next step?


Get going with a simple click on the green buttom

To get your account with our strategic partner, Coinify, you need to upload picture ID and address ID

The documents can be uploaded directly to the dashboard. When you login please the ‘pop-up’ instructions. You need to use the default currency, meaning the currency you want bitcoins deposited.

Lastly attach bank account under “Payment Accounts” and select minimum settlement amount.

When finished you’ll get 3 keys for your payment gateway, and voilá, you can now accept Bitcoins on webshop


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We make it easy and safe


With PensoPay you’ll get a payment solution and acquirer account with Visa og Mastercard. Our customer care will get you going, so you can easily and safely switch to PensoPay.

Please input your information on the left and we’ll get a hold of you. We’ll get your webshop up and running, and leaving you before it’s all good to go.

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