About PensoPay

We’re striving to lower the complexity of online payments

PensoPay launched commercially in 2015. Our ambition then, was to redesign the user experience in an industry, that customers perceived as technically complicated and highly inaccessible.

Yet our ambition persists, and we’ve proven, that being customer-oriented does not have to be complicated.

PensoPay continuously sets the bar high in customer satisfaction, which both social media and rating pages, such as TrustPilot reflect.

Today we’re one of the leading Nordic Payment Solution Providers, and in addition to the 10 percent market share on the Danish market, we are present on 12 European markets.

How are we creating value for you?

PensoPay delivers a payment solution consisting of both a payment gateway and an acquirer agreement.

Our mission is to simplify accepting payments online – and our solution supports the most common payment methods in EU.

For our customers, PensoPay is always the single point of contact when it concerns payments.


How do we support your business?

PensoPay operates in three primary areas:

  1. Payment solutions for the traditional webshop
  2. Payment solutions for subscription business models
  3. Invoice service, where the traditional bank transfer is replaced by credit card payments

We’re operating with a fast approval process for our merchants. Which basically means, that it does not have to take more than 24 hours from your application is made until you can start accepting online payments.

Want to know in more detail what a payment solution is, we suggest you read this.


Tel: +45 77 344 388

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Mail support
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Email: support@pensopay.com